Bartosz Ratajczyk - card, kind of

Hi there

My name is Bartosz Ratajczyk and I'm happy you've decided to drop by. You can find some information about me, but I think you're not there to find if I have dogs (I have - four three *), or cats (I have also four five seven eight nine of them), or family (yes I have - no, not four). But - if you are here - you can find a little bit about me on my blog (PL only). Short resume - CV - and main internet activities can be found in upper menu.

I'm database programmer (more) and administrator (less). Mainly SQL Server, but I can manage PostgreSQL and MySQL. I like to automate boring manual tasks using PowerShell or BIML.My specialization is building ETL processes using SSIS and C#. Also query and server tuning. Following rule: first it must work well, then very well and - at last - not just very well but also fast. Very fast at best. I also write web applications in PHP and JS and a bit of desktop stuff in C#.

I also like to share the knowledge. Either as a trainer on SQL Server courses and workshops, or as a speaker at Polish Data Community (former Polish SQL Server User Group) meetings. Or at the conferences. I also have a blog (earlier - polish language, now focusing on english blog) that has started to grow last days.

In private - I like to read fantasy books, good sensation or crime stories and I'm interested in mythology (and history) of ancient Greece and Norse. But these days far less than few years ago. Long time ago I played volleyball and football (soccer), now only as supporter.

You can contact me either with mentioned network profiles or using mail: b (dot) ratajczyk (at) gmail (dot) com

* I'm glad you noticed this little star - we always take in homeless animals. Either from the shelter or we find them somewhere, or they just come to us and stay. If you're looking to help some animal shelter in Poland I can interest you in EMIR Foundation (Fundacja EMIR).